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praca zdalna bibliotekarza

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Present situation connected with the coronavirus pandemics forced everyone to change their daily routines. One of the key issues to solve is the possibility to work remotely doing the same things we used to do out of our houses. Remote work is connected not only with appropriate conditions (a workplace, equipment), but most of all with an appropriate schedule of work which can be done remotely.

rozwiązania hybrydowe mobilne

Today's world - can anyone imagine our daily life without omnipresent smartphones? They are with us everywhere: at work, at home, and even during a journey. We don't separate from them even for a moment.

K-03 Sprawozdanie biblioteki do GUS - jak znaleźć dane?

The date of sending information on library's work in a financial year is approaching. Every year, at the beginning of February, a library sends K-03 form "Library Report" for Statistics Poland.

Employee portal in the ERP system
Employee Portal is a platform supporting both company's activity as well as its employees. Information available at the portal is closely connected with the authorizations system: data for certain services and units of the company, data for an employee in a certain post.
Rola człowieka podczas wdrażania systemów ERP
There are many articles and more or less scientific publications about ERP systems: their possibilities, advantages, options, implementations and, finally, benefits coming from their implementation and use.
Big data in public administration
The notion of Big Data is identified with data of significant volume. They may come from social services, from many devices sensors, they may also be transaction data. The benefits that their analysis may bring are disproportionate to the used means, and such means are provided by Big Data solutions.
Robotic process automation
Robotic Process Automation is a system which enables automation of repeatable processes, which are characterized by a low degree of exceptions in algorithms. It aims at replacing people by a computer system, obviously in the areas of repeatable activities.
Jak wybrać system biblioteczny?
With a sufficient dose of probability' we can say that every professionally active library director at least once has had to face the necessity of choosing a library system to buy. In case it is a subsequent system, the situation seems a bit easier as the experience with the previous one may be a starting point of making the decision.


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