Description of user-relevant functionalities

I. Basic interface

1. Choice of Polish or English language version
2. Presentation of the site map with a list of available subpages depending on the role of the logged in user
3. Presentation of information on cookie policy
4. Structure preview capability
a) possibility to preview objects in a tree and in a table
b) possibility to preview object properties – preview of properties defined by administrator – preview of object photographs – preview of information about object opening hours with current information about object opening status – preview of interactive organization map
c) possibility to search objects by their attributes (defining search conditions)
d) possibility to search only for favorite objects

5. Reservation calendar preview
a) possibility to select an object from the organization’s structure, for which reservations are presented
b) possibility to preview reservations in a monthly, weekly, and daily view c) possibility to preview reservations in the form of a schedule
d) inclusion of object hierarchy
e) inclusion of object opening hours f) presentation of information about time, place, and reservation status


II. User interface

1. Creation of reservations

a) possibility to select the reservation object and the time scope of the reservation
b) possibility to switch to the booking view from the calendar (automatic setting of the time scope) and by clicking the button
c) automatic verification of the correctness of the reservation in terms of the user’s rights, opening hours of the facility and other existing reservations
d) automatic transfer to the reservation details after its correct creation
e) possibility to make whole-day, multi-day and cyclical reservations (defining the form of the cycle end as the date and number of repetitions) f) preview of the opening hours of the selected facility

2. Viewing of reservations
a) preview of current reservations
b) possibility to obtain basic information about the reservation: time and place of booking, reservation number, current status
c) possibility to change the reservation status according to the flow of statuses
d) possibility to preview the history of statuses changes
e) possibility to send a message to the administrator of the reservation – mini chat
f) possibility to preview the properties of the reservation object
g) possibility to make a CHECK-IN confirmation

3. Possibility of viewing booking archive
4. Ability to view your permissions
5. Possibility of viewing messages concerning all reservations of the logged user
6. E-mail messages

a) informowanie użytkownika o nowej wiadomości od administratora rezerwacji
b) informowanie użytkownika o zmianie statusu rezerwacji i ewentualnie o jej przyczynie
c) Informowanie użytkownika o zbliżającej się rezerwacji







7. Available dates – search option for available booking dates
a) possibility to indicate the booking object
b) possibility to select the time range
c) automatic analysis of user rights, object opening hours, other existing bookings
d) search result is a list of available objects with the time range for which the booking is possible
e) possibility to book a given proposal
f) presentation of objects on an interactive map
g) navigation between the structure of objects through the interactive map 8. Ability to change password (separated version mode with database users)
9. Possibility to view and manage favourite objects