GIG – New Quatra Max implementation

The ERP Quatra MAX IT system will support the Central Mining Institute! The contract was signed on May 13, 2022. The implementation includes the following Quatra Max system modules: Finances and accountancy, Fixed assets, HR and Payroll, Sale, Employee Portal, Managing customer relations, Project management, Electronic Document Circulation. Sygnity Business Solutions will also deal with [...]

Independent support in the implementation of ORACLE systems

We have the highest competences in the implementation of Oracle systems. Our experience is supported by extensive references and many certificates. It is possible that you did not realize what benefits this may bring for our customers. These possibilities cannot be overestimated in the era of digital transformation of organizations and the concept of Cloud [...]

Quatra portal – employee and managerial self-service

Soon we will be able to provide you with our new Portal. As promised, we provide further information about it. This time, they concern the offered functionalities of the new Quatra Portal in the field of Employee and Managerial Self-Service, such as: handling the vacation process, including: submitting, approving, reviewing Vacation Applications and controlling vacation [...]

Launching the Quatra Portal – a set of technical issues

The launch of the Quatra Portal is coming soon! Our counter shows only 60 days to the premiere. The time has come to unveil the secret, today in the field of technical issues. The new Quatra Portal will be based on the latest version of the Vaadin platform - a tool for building applications in [...]

Dedicated solution for the National System of e-Invoices

On March 30, 2022, the European Commission submitted to the Council of the European Union a draft decision enabling Poland to implement the obligation for entrepreneurs to use the KSEF system - the National System of e-Invoices, used to issue and receive structured invoices. The necessity to issue and receive invoices by the FSC will [...]

Quatra Portal, Digital Revolution – Premiere in 2022

We are counting down the days to the date of providing our clients with a new tool for communication within the organization, which will be the Quatra Portal, available as part of the Quatra ERP System. This tool was created to support the Digital Revolution that we are seeing at our clients organization. We have [...]

New ffunctions in the mPROLIB mobile application

Many new functionalities have appeared in our mobile application. For users of libraries working in the PROLIB library system, these are great facilitations and interesting functions. The continuous development of the application confirms that it is an everyday tool. The needs for changes were reported by both users and librarians. This proves that they expect [...]

The Lubuskie Wawrzyny Gala 2021

Another Gala of the Lubuskie Wawrzyny is behind us. The results were anounced at the the C. Norwid Voivodeship and City Public Library in Zielona Góra and simultaneously in the Z. Herbert Voivodeship and City Public Library in Gorzów Wielkopolski. Sygnity Business Solutions was again one of the sponsors of this event, important in the [...]

Sygnity Business Solutions with the “Forbes Diamond 2022”

We are proud to announce that Sygnity Business Solutions S.A. is awarded as the "Forbes Diamond" in annual ranking of this business magazin. It is the ranking of companies that have increased their value most effectively in the last three years. The Swiss method of valuation of the company is used to prepare the ranking. [...]

The K-03 form is easier to fill in thanks to the PROLIB system

The next reporting year is now coming to an end. We remind librarians that until February 7, 2022, you must complete the K-03 form and send it to the Central Statistical Office. To make it easier, read our tips. Especially for librarians, we have gathered a handful of practical tips for the hot time of [...]