Next implementation of Quatra Max

We have just completed the analytical phase of the new Quatra Max implementation at Santander Consumer Financial Solutions Sp. z o. o. The scope of the project includes Finance and Accounting and a number of integrations with the Client’s external systems. The production start of the main part of the system is planned for 01. [...]

Jubilee aid

In the history of the Company many times activities were undertaken in order to support various initiatives. On the occasion of the Jubilee we also decided to undertake such an activity. This time the decision on the charity goal was in the hands of the employees - the person who in the shortest time gave [...]

30 years have passed…

In the rush of everyday tasks we do not pay attention to the passing time. However, there are some anniversaries that should not be forgotten. Sygnity Business Solutions will celebrate its 30th year of operations in 2021. The company was established in 1991. At the time when Polish entrepreneurship got the proverbial "wind in its [...]

A book ordered by phone? Find out how the libraries rise the happiness level!

Libraries have always provided a "books-on-phone" service that allowed sick, elderly and disabled people to access library materials without leaving home. The time of the pandemic has led to increased interest in this service. How does this relate to happiness levels? We hasten to explain! Research conducted by Kelton Global in 13 countries among 27,000 [...]

Good Company 2021 distinction in the category: Innovator

We are pleased to announce that Sygnity Business Solutions was among the winners of the Dobra Firma 2021 Program in the Lubuskie Voivodeship, organized by the Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers, in the "Best Innovator" category. The award was announced on March 18, during an online gala - due to the current epidemic situation. We [...]


The year 2020 was the time, when libraries faced a number of challenges related to functioning during a pandemic. Like many other institutions and private companies, libraries had to switch to remote work, at least partially, contact with readers was significantly impeded, collections must be quarantined ... Technological news in response to the epidemic PROLIB [...]


The Lubuskie Wawrzyn Gala took place on February 25th, 2021 in the C. Norwid Voivodeship and City Public Library in Zielona Góra and simultaneously in the Z. Herbert Voivodeship and City Public Library  in Gorzów Wielkopolski. We are pleased to inform that SYGNITY BUSINESS SOLUTIONS was the sponsor of this event. These were the following [...]

2020 summary – how did we face the pandemic

Probably none of us a year ago predicted events to unfold in this way over the coming 12 months. From the first months of 2020 we have already heard about the COVID-19 pandemic coming to Europe and later also to Poland. However, it was hard to imagine that due to the introduced restrictions and security [...]

A Christmas card – different than usual!

The holiday season and the traditions associated with it, including the custom of making wishes, are approaching. Every year we remember to contact our close ones, but also our colleagues and business partners and wish all the best. To those we cannot meet directly, we send occasional cards. This year we have far fewer opportunities [...]