Webinar “Budgeting in the collection module”

Ladies and Gentlemen! We cordially invite you to a training webinar related to the PROLIB system, the subject of which will be BUDGETING in the COLLECTION module. The planned date of the meeting is February 22, 2023 at 10.00. Duration 1.5 hours. The webinar agenda is available HERE During the meeting, we will answer your [...]

Forum of Good Practices 2022

On September 19, 2022, the second edition of the Forum of Good Practices took place at the Main Library of the University of Economics in Wrocław. This year, the topic was electronic resources and the participation of libraries in open science. During the conference, participants listened to 13 speeches, which aroused considerable interest, as evidenced [...]

14th Young Librarians Forum

We took part in the 14th Young Librarians Forum, which was held on 8-9.09.2022. The theme of this year's edition was: "Library in the heart". The forum was held in two places: in Zabrze on 8/9/2022 and in Katowice on 9/9/2022. Sygnity Business Solutions was represented by Marta Bednarek and Patryk Wesołowski. With our speech [...]

A tailor-made library system

We usually talk about the success of a product when we observe the sales bars. The real success comes later, however, when the headlamps have dimmed a bit. It is the end user, often not related to decision-makers in any way, who verifies whether the product meets his expectations. So how to create a "tailor-made [...]

New portal with PROLIB system documentation

In June 2022, we launched a new portal with the PROLIB system documentation. In addition to the comprehensive refreshment of the content of the documentation for the entire PROLIB library system and related solutions, we have also introduced a large number of amenities for users. Home page - the board allows you to go to [...]

New ffunctions in the mPROLIB mobile application

Many new functionalities have appeared in our mobile application. For users of libraries working in the PROLIB library system, these are great facilitations and interesting functions. The continuous development of the application confirms that it is an everyday tool. The needs for changes were reported by both users and librarians. This proves that they expect [...]

The K-03 form is easier to fill in thanks to the PROLIB system

The next reporting year is now coming to an end. We remind librarians that until February 7, 2022, you must complete the K-03 form and send it to the Central Statistical Office. To make it easier, read our tips. Especially for librarians, we have gathered a handful of practical tips for the hot time of [...]