Conference September in libraries

In September, we took part in two important events, significant in our activity on the library systems market.

The first of them was the 13th Young Librarians Forum – the online event took place on September 15-17, 2021, where the Sygnity Business Solutions consultant – Patryk Wesołowski gave a lecture on Librarians’ challenges – how to make the library more accessible to readers. Our latest solutions were among the impulses to act. It was: the BOOKINGPLACE resource booking application, the registration of readers using the National Node, the mPROLIB mobile application or e-book rental. We are pleased to take part in this event every year, which is full of new inspiring ideas, active engaged librarians and interesting new trends.

The second event, which took place on September 30 – October 1, was the 40th Meeting of the Team for Regional Bibliography organized by the Provincial and Municipal Public Library. Cyprian Norwid in Zielona Góra. The main slogan of the meeting was “Information potential of regional collections and databases – tools and methods of their use”. Among the interesting papers from various libraries from all over Poland was also a lecture by Sygnity Business Solutions Consultant – Krzysztof Henne, entitled Pandemic laziness, i.e. from bibliography to library without moving from the spot. The presentation was aimed at presenting the bibliography from the perspective of benefits for the reader, which may be an inspiration for bibliographers.