Is your company ready for KSeF?

The Ministry of Finance provides for the mandatory launch of the KSeF solution in B2B trading from July 2024 for all active VAT taxpayers and taxpayers identified in Poland for the special EU OSS procedure, with a Polish NIP. For entrepreneurs exempt from VAT, KSeF solutions will be mandatory from January 2025.

The solution provided by the Ministry of Finance  provides for the possibility of sending sales invoices and downloading purchase invoices. As a result of the obligation to communicate with KSeF, the process of issuing sales invoices will have to change, there will be a requirement to develop an alternative method of transferring invoices to the customer in the event of KSeF failure, and it will be necessary to handle incorrect invoices (rejected by KSeF) in source systems.

The Biz2Gov platform developed by Sygnity Business Solutions is a tool that allows you to integrate IT systems in your company with the services of the National e-Invoice System. Thanks to the microservices architecture, it provides simple and efficient integration with the services of the Ministry of Finance.

Main features of the Biz2Gov platform

  • Support for all types of documents for both revenue and cost invoices.
  • Convenient access to documents from all systems using the platform's user interface.
  • Generating a graphical representation of documents, facilitating the assignment process.
  • UPO service.
  • Autonomous handling of message exchange with KSeF based on defined schedules. If the KSeF service is unavailable, outgoing messages are queued and will be sent as soon as possible.
  • Duplicate control, protecting against re-sending invoices to KSeF.
  • Ability to classify cost invoices based on their attributes, which facilitates integration with individual receiving systems.
  • Possibility of easy integration with IT systems using a number of REST services.
  • Possibility to support other data sources by building dedicated connectors, which allows for integration with many systems.
  • Validation of the compliance of the submitted information with the technical requirements of the Ministry of Finance.
  • Full audit trail, information about statuses, errors and their causes, statuses.
  • Management of users, roles and access tokens.

Scheme of document circulation