Employee Portal in ERP Class System

Krzysztof Krajewski

Employee Portal is a platform supporting both company’s activity as well as its employees. Information available at the portal is closely connected with the authorizations system: data for certain services and units of the company, data for an employee in a certain post.

Modern companies in their activity usually use the functions of ERP systems to manage human resources. The reason? The possibility to realize individual goals of the company and still growing application availability connected with so called mobile revolution. Sygnity Business Solution is in line with the trends of the revolution. Within the area of human resources management, it offers its customers the Employee Portal, which perfectly integrates with our own Quatra Max system as well as other ERP systems.

Quatra Max Employee Portal

Employee portal is a platform supporting both company’s activity as well as its employees. Information available at the portal is closely connected with the authorizations system: data for certain services and units of the company, data for an employee in a certain post. The basic element describing a place(s) of an employee in a company is posts description. It is a flexible structure effectively describing employment structure of the company. A post description authorises employees management (among others, deputy posts description, employee’s superiors) and supports working post organization (equipment at the post, documentation ready for the post together with the vocational risk assessment etc.). It is a knowledge base for further functions places in the Employee Portal in accordance with a specific requirements of a company.

Employees Assessment Function in the System

Assessment function enables creating individual assessment templates (based on features undergoing the assessment) and based on them – periodic assessments (360° and 180°) of individual employees. The assessment templates database, next periodic assessments, hierarchy of the assessments access (superiors) – it is a domain of appropriate services in a company. Information about the beginning of the assessment process, questionnaires and tests to be filled during the assessment as well as the results access – these are employee’s activities. One of the results of the employees assessment from the point of view of the company is the schedule of trainings. Employee Portal improves the process of planning and organizing the trainings. It is possible to create in the system a trainings plan and budget for certain organizational units and appropriate information distribution – both to company units and employees. Trainings and templates forms available of the documents available at the Portal are fully individualized.

Recruitment Module in the System

The next, important from the point of view of a company, function of the Portal is recruitment based on the candidates database. Recruitment projects are created based on candidates’ profiles (data comes from post description database). Recruitment project management as well as the management of the look of the documents and forms placed in the Portal depends on people conducting the processes in a company.

Human Resources Management

Functionality connected with holidays gives employees the possibility to apply for holidays via the Internet by means of the Portal at any moment in time. The can also modify and share holidays dates on their own. Further management of the functionality connected with holidays depends on the company.

Employees delegations process management is initiated and conducted by appropriate services in a company. Employees, on the other hand, by means of the Internet Portal may update parameters and data connected with their business trips.

In the ECP in the Employee Portal we provide the insight into the deducted contributions to Employee Capital Plans and the possibility to print documents (applications, declarations) in pdf format.

In a separated part of the Employee Portal, the system enables employees to monitor on daily basis information which include data on their employment. The range of information is set by their company. The task of the Portal is to present the data in appropriate way.

Employee Portal is a modern way of communication between a company and its employees. It is a wider possibility in the management range. The example of further functions of the Employee Portal, in the range of online information popularization and exchange might be: security processes management, technical information update or submitting rationalization requests in certain areas of the company. These functions, for the need of servicing them by the Employee Portal, are fully individualized as far as the way, range and data exchange format are concerned. Implementation project of a dedicated portal is conducted in accordance with customer’s requests and specification.

A feature deciding about practically unlimited availability of certain portal functions, both to appropriate management units in a company and its employees, is an interface designed to enable management using all possible channels: desktop PCs, laptops, smartphones and tablets. Thanks to it, each user may access it the way they find most convenient.

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