Modern ERP Class Procurement Systems

Tomasz Kotowski

systemy zakupowe klasy ERP

ERP class systems are some of the most important tools in medium and large enterprises, enabling effective management of financial, production, logistics, procurement, and human capital management processes within an organization. The ERP systems market in Poland is growing, with more and more companies turning to them, seeing them as a tool that can bring tangible benefits, such as:

Process Automation

Reduction of Operating Costs

Conducting business in compliance with Polish legal requirements

Gathering information in a single, structured database

Over the past several years, ERP class systems have evolved from simple financial-accounting systems and Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP II) to comprehensive solutions that encompass increasingly larger areas of enterprise operations.

Today, let’s take a closer look at solutions in the procurement area. An ERP system is no longer just about handling requisitions and purchase orders that were manually registered or automatically created by planning tools.

Currently, an ERP system supporting procurement processes is a broad range of products that handle the full process of managing purchase orders, from requisition to payment for delivered products and services (Procure To Pay), including supplier management processes, tender procedures, and contract management. The execution of procurement processes is further streamlined by allowing suppliers to enter data directly into the system, eliminating the need for manual document registration by purchasers.

Sygnity Business Solution S.A. has over 20 years of experience in implementing ERP class systems, documented with numerous references and certificates. We offer, among others, solutions from Oracle, which support processes carried out in enterprises, including the aforementioned procurement processes. The solution is available in two models:

Source: Oracle Corp.

In both solutions, it is possible to execute processes handled by procurement departments in terms of:

⇒ Submitting purchase requisitions through a convenient online store interface or directly through the supplier’s store (Punchout). Automatic construction of the document approval path (Workflow) and automatic accounting allocation of the document based on multiple rules and document attributes.

⇒ Supplier management in terms of qualification for cooperation and conducting periodic evaluations.

⇒ Support for the process of conducting various types of tenders (RFI, RFP, online auctions), building tender teams, systematic recommendation of the winning offer based on calculations of the result based on attributes/weights and price.

⇒ Management of contracts with suppliers, including the preparation of contract content.

⇒  Dedicated access to the system by authorized suppliers – Supplier Portal, facilitating communication with suppliers during the execution of procurement processes.

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