QUATRA MAX - servicing Employee Capital Plans

Anna Kiwilsza

PPK support in the Quatra Max system

PPK is a voluntary and fully private long-term savings system, which is planned to increase the financial security of Poles retiring. New solutions are introduced in stages. The order in which the PPK is created depends on the size or type of employer. PPK is a voluntary program. The employee is assigned to it automatically, but he can resign from saving at any time.

As part of the products of the ERP-Quatra system and the Employee Portal, we offer solutions to support Employee Capital Plans (PPK).

The new functionality is based not only on the configuration of the fixed components, the definition of wage component formulas and tabular data.

Also includes:

File of Participants of Employee Capital Plans

The file presents information about employees and associates who joined the PPK. It allows you to record:
– joining the PPK,
– resignation from paying contributions to the PPK,
– registration of the end of employment,
– registration of the date of beginning of employment,
– changes in the amount of contributions,
– change of personal and contact data,
– paid contributions to PPK.

The following reports are available from the level of the Register of Participants of Employee Capital Plans:
– declaration of accession and declaration of resignation from PPK,
– premium change declarations and payment of additional premiums

Information about PPK on the Employee Portal

In the PPK file on the Employee Portal, we provide a preview of the contributions deducted, the possibility of printing documents in pdf format:
– application for resignation from PPK,
– application for a change of premium,
– application for joining the PPK.

Communication with financial institutions

The Quatra Max system enables communication with financial institutions managing the PPK through:
– API – depending on the selected financial institution in API REST or API SOAP technology
– files generated with reports.

Communication via API ensures two-way data exchange. Thanks to it, handling Employee Capital Plans becomes faster and easier. Operations supported by API:
– registering a participant (Create participant / Register participant),
– editing the participant,
– register the end of employment,
– register the beginning of employment,
– find a participant (identify the participant),
– the participant’s return to the PPK,
– participant’s resignation from PPK,
– load the package of contributions.

The API data exchange technology enables two-way communication with financial institutions. Declarations and instructions sent to the financial institution, as well as responses from the financial institution are registered immediately after performing the operation from the level of the PPK File – without the need to log into external systems.
This ensures elimination of errors in handling, e.g. re-registration of the same participant – handling error messages received from external PPK applications.

Advantages of communication via API:
– time savings in PPK service, PPK service in one system,
– Easy-to-use,
– elimination of errors when handling PPK.

Files generated by dedicated reports enable the transfer of information to financial institutions that do not provide API support. This form is also used in the event of API communication failure. File exchange is a one-way communication. Dedicated reports allow to generate files:
– participants’ applications,
-reporting the resignation of participants,
– registration of contributions transferred to the PPK.

Benefits of handling Employee Capital Plans in the QUATRA MAX system

The Employee Capital Plans module in the QUATRA system provides:
– minimizing the working time of HR department employees,
– reduction of PPK service costs,
– PPK support in one system,
– quick data exchange with financial institutions,
– simple operation and friendly interface,
– all operations and data related to PPK contained in one dedicated PPK file,
– providing information about PPK to employees via the Employee Portal,
– restricting access to necessary data for HR employees.


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