Libraries with innovations – why are they more attractive to the reader?

Modern technological solutions are increasingly common in libraries. The range of facilities available to the reader is very wide. Libraries that decide to introduce available innovations gain in the eyes of their recipients. Why?

 Innovation in libraries – not only image and PR

The innovative approach to serving the reader is not only PR activity that allows the library to position itself properly among local institutions, but most of all it’s about the people for whom libraries are created. What do new technological solutions give them? The following video, summarizing the modernization and opening of the new premises of the Municipal Library in Czechowice-Dziedzice, can be part of the answer.

From 3rd minute you can see how the solutions provided by the library system make it easier for the readers to use the library.

 Saving the reader’s time

The pace of life is increasing – readers also do not have time to queue at the rental desk. The PROLIB system and the INTEGRO catalog allow you to book books on your own. And during a visit in the library, a helpful solution is the self check stand, where, in a similar way to a self-service checkout in a store, the reader can handle himself / herself and, for example, borrow items that interest him.

Flexibility and fitting in with the lifestyle of the reader

The times when public institutions were only available to the reader at fixed hours and he had to try to fit in with them are long gone. Today, libraries are trying to meet the needs of their audience. The readers have time off at various hours of the day. Thanks to the unique solution of book terminals, the reader can pick up his order at convenient times, even in the middle of the night, returning from a night shift at work or early morning, escorting children to school… More about book terminals, also including statistics showing their use in our newest article in the knowledge base – link below.