Mobile application mPROLIB nominated for Good Design 2019 award

Experts of the Institute of Industrial Design recommended mPROLIB to the competition Good Design 2019. This way they appreciated its adaptation to the needs of today’s library user.

Nomination for Good Design 2019 award

Mobile application mPROLIB is a solution dedicated to a certain institutions, thanks to which readers have an access to their library on a mobile device, always and everywhere.
It was designed in such a way that it can use the advantages of mobile devices. It has already been successfully implemented in 3 libraries:

1. Provincial and Municipal Public Library in Gorzów Wlkp.
2. Provincial Pedagogical Library in Rzeszów together with the chaing of pedagogical libraries of Podkarpackie Province
3. Library of University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszów


The tool enables the use of the full library offer – ordering books (including home delivery!), book reservation i.e. queuing for a book borrowed by someone else, ordering a scan or xerocopy and covering overdue payments.

The homepage of the application shows not only the most important information of the library life in a form of a News list, but also a list of collections including new products in the ctalog, the most often borrowed items, popular authors, popular topics as well as library’s suggestions.Using the mobile application is more convenient than using a traditional library catalog.

The functional scope of the tool is very wide. Its additional advantage is matching the way modern readers communicate, as they use multiple applications and using such tools is a habit for them.

The advantages were also recognized by the experts of the Institute of Industrial Design in Warszawa, who recommended mPROLIB mobile application to the competition Good Design. It is an independent and trustworthy competition of the best designed products and services available at the Polish market.

The Design of the Year award is granted by the Minister of Entrepreneurship and Technology, the honorary patron of the competition. Products and Services taking part in the competition are presented in a post-competition exhibition which takes place in the registered office of the Institute of Industrial Design.

mPROLIB mobile application will be judged in the Services category.