New e-service in the PROLIB system – Reservation of the rooms and computer workstations in the library

In libraries where readers have access the rooms and computer workstations for individual and collective work, it is necessary to manage these facilities. Today’s reader expects to be able to book rooms quickly and easily, as well as to reach information about potential places available to work in the library.

A system for booking rooms and computer workstations

The need becomes even more important now, during the COVID-19 epidemic. In spite of the increasing activity and the realization of tasks in the normal mode, taking care of our own and our families’ safety, we observe the principle of social distance. Libraries are making more and more computer workstations and small work rooms available, but managing them is a challenge for librarians, who need to skillfully operate their reservation system. These problems are solved by a new e-service in the PROLIB system – BOOKingPLACE. Readers can easily book a workstation online and librarians will have a comprehensive tool to handle these bookings.

How does the functionality for booking rooms in the library work?

The functionality of room and computer worplaces reservations can be available from the library website or directly from the INTEGRO catalogue. The application works on two levels: the interface for the user – the reader – and the interface for the reservation administrator – the librarian.
The BOOKingPLACE application allows to prepare the structure of an object at different levels of detail (e. g. for conference rooms, individual work rooms, computer workstations). For each object, it is possible to define its opening hours and define its properties in detail (e. g. adding a photo, description, rules of use or available equipment). The application allows also to temporarily shut down objects from use. It can work in two modes: full (with reservation approval by the librarian) and simplified (without confirmation process). The administrator is also able to generate statistics on the use of reservation facilities.

We invite PROLIB system customers to get acquainted with the BOOKingPLACE application. Contact us at There is also a possibility to make the application available to interested parties who do not work in the PROLIB system.