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Quatra Max is a tool making enterprise's management easier, no matter what is the structural organization of it. It also ensures an effective support of customer's business processes. The program makes company's management easier on the following levels: operational, executive and strategic. Simultaneously, it enables effective communication and data flow using the Internet between business partners.


Quatra Max is a flexible tool which enables a full adjustment of the system functionality to the specific character of the enterprise. The solution successfully works in many sectors::

  • public sector,
  • sales and distributioni,
  • railway and air transport,
  • management of the dispersed services organizations.

The system consists of four fully integrated functional areas:

  • Human Resources Management,
  • Max Financese,
  • Max Logistics,
  • Max Personnel.

Each of the areas may be a separate product which is easily integrated with applications already used in the company.


Increase of the company's competitiveness

business strategy planning, individual processes modelling and fast reaction to the market needs

Increase of the management effectiveness

harmonisation of procedures, solutions scaling, managing dispersed structure

Quality increase of customer services

individual processes service, inquiry time optimization

Correct workforce productivity

intuitive operation, defining user's profile, integration with peripheral equipment

Flexible model of the system use

management on the customer's or supplier's end, system licenses in the service model, system based on customer's or Data Center resources

Ensuring safety

full data access control, consistent permissions system, three-layer application structure


Quatra Max system documentation :



Quatra Max - Administrator.pdf  Quatra Max - Personel.pdf  Model danych - Quatra Max.pdf




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