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Solutions Supporting GDPR Management


The General Data Protection Regulation has been applicable from 25 May 2018.

The regulation imposes the obligation to ensure a number of processes connected with personal data protection, such as 'right to be forgotten', limitation of data processing or right to access personal data.

QDataDiscovery application supports processes connected with GDPR, minimizing the risk and optimizing the costs connected with servicing the processes.

Main Functions of the System


Do you know where sensitive data are stored in your company? Using offered by us scanning mechanisms of structural (databases) and non-structural (files, emails) data, you will discover the places they occur. Inventory and categorization of locations will enable adjustment of a protection degree to data importance, making decisions concerning adding them to the central Data Index or possible deleting them. Variety of scanning modes, methods of communication with the bases of many manufacturers or the possibility to define your own sensitive data types will greatly increase the possibilities of the offered tool.

Data Index

QDataDiscovery enables building a local index of sensitive data. Thanks to it, it is possible in a fast way and without involving production systems to receive an answer to, for example, such a question: in what systems to we process data of a certain person? It is especially important when we fulfil the laws such as forgetting, accessing or transferring data. The analysis of the indexed data may be helpful in making business decisions. For example, if data from the index is compared with data from permissions and processing goals, we will be able to check if we transfer data in accordance with the given permissions. because of the character of the indexed data, there are available advanced mechanisms of rights, audits and logging.


Offered by us registers module supports the process of the company's adjustment to new GDPR requirements and enables further monitoring and compliance with them. The module consists of registers required by the regulation, i.e. permissions, processing procedures, categories of processing procedures, safety incidents and others, supporting the principle of accountability of e.g. applications, trainings, estates, systems or subjects. Safety, compliance with GDPR, ergonomics and flexibility were the principles while creating the application. A task queue, common for all the registers, presents to each user their tasks for a given day, will indicate tasks with a coming deadline and will mark the outdated tasks. Within the application configuration, the authorised user may adjust not only the application's appearance but also its functionality. The authorised person my add types of applications, trainings or incidents we have not planned, or define your own forms in the "Additional Information" window of each register. There are also available mechanism of authorizations and attachments.

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