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PROLIB - Solutions for libraries

Solutions for libraries under the PROLIB brand create a full scope of products addressing modern expectations concerning libraries. As a leading Polish library system with more than 25 years of experience, we take care of a constant development of a product in cooperation with the community of our customers, we follow software development trends and use intellectual capital gathered in the Company. It enables communication and integration of the PROLIB system with the library surrounding to a degree which is unique in the market of library systems. We make sure our product and services are of the highest quality.


PROLIB enables full automation of library processes such as:

  • Control of borrowing books, readers and collections,
  • Documents gathering and preparation,
  • Sharing own catalogs on the Internet,
  • Searching for and sharing certain document.

The system is equipped with modern metasearch engine INTEGRO, which enables full text searches, suggesting content and syntax in inquires as well as the use of ready filters.

We also have our own original solutions concerning scientific achievements lists of the unit's employees as well as regional literature.

The newest innovative solution is a mobile application mPROLIB for readers. In an intuitive way, a user has an access on his mobile to a library's offer. On daily basis, a user may follow library's life, reserve/ order a chosen book, or in a convenient way search library's catalog in any chosen place. The application offers also a wide range of e-services.

Basic functionalities


Fast and multi-faceted readers' services

Information acquisition, preparation, searching and assessment

Support of the library activity in administrative and IT areas

Gathering, preparation and sharing of traditional and digital library resources

Work optimization of other departments of the institution. Integration of the library system with other system, e.g. human resources department, accounting, Dean's office or IT department

Enabling users to independently and effectively manage library system exploitation, its scaling and adaptation to library's situation resulting from institution's development and organizational changes


Business benefits

Building and image of a modern library using innovative technologies

use of the newest technological solutions in the library system PROLIB in order to improve library's work

Encouraging readers to contact a library

PROLIB system specializes in implementation of solutions which meet the requirements of readers, i.e. a mobile application for readers, e-services, e.g. ordering scans and xerocopies, remote borrowing, doing payments, a book loans machine, up-to-date information on library resources in a metasearch engine INTEGRO, sharing electronic resources.

Ensuring cooperation with other libraries

exchanging literature data, enabling interlibrary loans.

Integration with domain-specific system in the institution

cooperation with the systems of Dean's office management, e-payments, warehouse and logistics (SelfCheck, a book loans machine, High Storage Warehouses) or electronic resources services, such as EBESCO, iBukLibra, Wolne Lektury, NASBI/OSBI.

Guarantee of library data and readers' personal data safety

full control of data access, assigning and controlling rights, history of transactions connected with a document, reader and library system operator etc. - system PROLIB in its newest version has an implementation of GDPR requirements.

Increase of the effective management of library together with the branch network

library services automation thanks to the use of the system of the collection control and security in RFID technology.

Librarians support system in the Polish language

within the service policy, a library has an access to online services with a user's documentation and servicing system.


our experienced Consultants-Librarians and System Engineers are available to our customers during servicing on-call time. They advise and support at the time of using PROLIB system.

High level of customers cooperation quality

we want our customers to be satisfied, that is why each task is realised by us professionally and with a full involvement. We believe that satisfied customers are our best references in the market.

PROLIB in Libraries

PROLIB is a flexible and universal system of managing libraries, which has been successfully used in more than 300 libraries diversified concerning their size, character of the reading environment and type of collections, organizational structures, work organization and expectations concerning a library system. Our customers are among others:

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