PHPers Summit 2019

The value of the conference lies in a fact that presentations are led by experienced practitioners. They presented certain implementation problems in their own products, together with solutions to them.

PHP in practical terms

PHPers Summit  2019
6-7 September, MTP Poznan Expo

The theme of the conference is PHP, programming language, technologies and practice improving everyday work. The conference had two path, each participant could listen to one of two lectures led by Polish and foreign programmers. The value of the conference lied in the fact that the presentations were conducted by experience practitioners. They presented certain implementation problems in their own products as well as the solutions discovered based on trials and errors, hence it was invaluable knowledge.

For us, the most valuable lectures were as follows:

1. Pact – not necessarily with the devil, about contract tests – Maria Preyzner

Pact is a framework in which consumers write unit tests. Thanks to such an approach, programmers are calmer as they know their services meet customers’ requirements. As an example, the presentation showed how to test communication between servers by means of pact.

 2. PHP legacy code refactoring automation using Rector library – Józef Bielawski

There was presented a new tool Rector, which allows full automation of migrating/updating of the “obsolete” calls, e.g. in Symfony framework.

3. Continuous Integrations: how to provide more and faster without feature branching or GitFlow! – Konrad Otrębski, Dawid Widyna

The programmers showed how they changed their approach to deployment. A few years earlier they worked on a few monthly branches, today they are no longer than a few hours. Using the less but more often method they are calmer their product is more stable and it is easier to withdraw from changes which cause unpredictable errors.

4. Elasticsearch and searching quality for 40 millions of users – Radek Baczyński

It was a presentation about universal practices which help serve the best possible searching results and about not known functions of an Elasticsearch toll.