PROLIB INTEGRO in WSB Universities

The libraries of WSB University in Toruń and WSB University in Gdańsk has finished the implementation of the metasearch engine PROLIB INTEGRO EDS.

One place to browse different library resources.

WSB Universities in Poland has gained recognition in the education market. From March to June 2018, Centrum Rozwoju Szkół Wyższych /Universities Development Center/ TEB Akademia sp. z o.o. conducted an opinion survey among WSB Universities graduates and employers which shows that 95 out of 100 graduates would recommend WSB Universities to their friends. They are satisfied because at their classes they met known academic lecturers and business practitioners, which means they were learning in comfortable environment and started new lasting relations (source:

Among 10 WSB Universities in Poland, 5 works in PROLIB library system. As the producer of the solution, we listen to our customers and ensure solutions which meet their needs. One of them is Metasearch Engine PROLIB INTEGRO EDS. Thanks to it, a reader in one place can browse both a library catalog and electronic resources of the library, using the mechanism of faceting based on a responsive graphic interface (ensuring the possibility of working on different mobile devices). The interface meets the WCAG 2.0 requirements in the area of availability to the disabled.

Readers appreciate an intuitive use of INTEGRO – they are not distracted by choosing appropriate function, button or the way of entering a search condition. They can concentrate on what their search goal – information they want to reach. However, the biggest advantage is a complex service of the reader’s account form the INTEGRO level. Thanks to it, a user may order books, make a reservation if the book is not available; it is also possible to record or send to an email research results.

The number of libraries implementing PROLIB INTEGRO is continuously growing. Satisfied customers are joined by the new ones.

Examples of implementations PROLIB INTEGRO EDS