PROLIB webinars – end of the school year with a solid dose of knowledge!

May and June are inevitably associated with the upcoming holidays, but in our team it is the month when we share knowledge! This year via webinars that anyone can safely participate in.

Two meetings have already taken place. During them we discussed topics such as:

  • Gathering with budgeting – for beginners. (May 26)
  • Library without barriers – (9 June)

There are more events ahead, to which we cordially invite you!

Already on 17. 06 we will tell you about the e-book lending library available in the Prolib system, and on 23 June we will repeat the topic of the Library without barriers – in terms of new opportunities for libraries that do not yet work in the PROLIB system. We are counting on a wide range of people interested in the chance for new cooperation.

We are pleased with the strong interest in the webinars so far. This is a signal for us that this form of activity is interesting and needed by the Prolib community. We promise there will be more webinars this year!

Stay tuned and watch our fanpage! There information about the September training program, which we are planning for you, will appear soon.