Sygnity Business Solutions at IV Process & Operation Excellence Summit

Inspirations and learning about good practice in the area of Process Management, Continuous Improvement and RPA at IV Process & Operation Excellence Summit

Motto of this year’s IV Process & Operation Excellence Summit was #Human touch, agile, RPA.
Main plennar sessions::

  • Future of Continuous Improvement in the digitalized world
  • Business Process Modeling
  • HR processes digitalization
  • Performance Improvement and Automation Acceleration
  • Role of leadership in business transformation (services, production)
  • Agile in process excellence
  • Design Thinking & Customer expectations
  • RPA journey
  • Artificial Intelligence connected to BPMS platform

For Sygnity Business Solutions, IV Process & Operation Excellence Summit was an excellent place to learn about the best practice of process modeling in enterprises of different sectors, continuous improvement of those processes and their automation.

In connection with the summit formula “practitioners for practitioners”, the addressed issues referred to true business cases which were presented by the representatives of many companies.

Exchange of experiences with the summit’s participants, concerning the continuous process of process management in an enterprise, inspired us to offer our customers even better solutions  supporting implementation of business processes, using BPM and RPA tools.