Webinar “Budgeting in the collection module”

Ladies and Gentlemen! We cordially invite you to a training webinar related to the PROLIB system, the subject of which will be BUDGETING in the COLLECTION module. The planned date of the meeting is February 22, 2023 at 10.00. Duration 1.5 hours. The webinar agenda is available HERE During the meeting, we will answer your [...]

Harbor “The book” is integrated with the PROLIB library system

On October 4, 2021, the Municipal Public Library in Tychy officially opened a self-service library of new books called Przystań Książka, what means: Harbour: the book. It is the third device of this type in Poland, and the first to be fully integrated with the PROLIB system used in the library. The vending machine is [...]

New implementation of the PROLIB system in a group of libraries

On September 8, 2021, Sygnity Business Solutions SA signed an agreement with the Lublin Province represented by "Lublin Center of Innovation and Technology" for the supply, implementation and installation of a library system along with service support and technical assistance in a group of libraries. The scope of the contract covers the implementation of the [...]

A book ordered by phone? Find out how the libraries rise the happiness level!

Libraries have always provided a "books-on-phone" service that allowed sick, elderly and disabled people to access library materials without leaving home. The time of the pandemic has led to increased interest in this service. How does this relate to happiness levels? We hasten to explain! Research conducted by Kelton Global in 13 countries among 27,000 [...]

Media about innovative services in libraries

In these unusual times PROLIB supports librarians and readers. Book-o-mats have been known for some time now, but a parcel machine as a book-o-mat is a complete novelty! Applications are gaining in popularity, examples of which can be found in the media: Sosnowiec Bookseller: Gazeta Wyborcza w Sosnowcu Parcel machine  in Ksiaznica Kopernikańska: TVP Bydgoszcz [...]