Bookingplace at the Scientific Information Center and Academic Library (CINIBA) in Katowice

BOOKINGPLACE, the application for booking resources,  has been implemented in the Scientific Information Center and Academic Library (CINIBA) in Katowice.

The confirmation of a successful implementation and a product that meets the expectations of users are the received references and answers to key questions that we ask our clients during each implementation.

Customer opinion

Mrs. Anna Śpiechowicz – Head of the Department of Collecting, Supplementing and Processing of Collections

The Scientific Information Center and Academic Library (CINiBA) is a joint scientific library of the two largest universities in Katowice – the University of Silesia and the University of Economics in Katowice. Our users, in addition to unlimited access to the workplace in the free access zone, also have 14 individual work cabins at their disposal, subject to booking. Managing the number of booths available 12 hours a day, six days a week, with the possibility of booking for any number of hours and days, was a difficult challenge for the library. The traditional form of booking was also not very comfortable for readers, as it required a personal visit or telephone contact during the library’s working hours. Launching the remote reservation of cabins using the BookingPlace application not only facilitated the work of librarians and solved their main problems, but above all gave users more opportunities.

Thanks to BookingPlace, readers in an easy and friendly way can now check the availability of all cabins without the librarian’s participation, see their location on the CINIBA plan, select and save their favorite cabins, and book cabins of their choice for several dates at the same time in a quick and simple way. In addition, the application will remind you about the reservation in advance, and it also gives you the option to cancel it by yourself.

An unquestionable benefit of implementing the application is also facilitating and minimizing the work of librarians responsible for booking cabins. The problem of duplicated bookings and searching for a free cabin on a date of interest to the user has been eliminated. These activities can be performed by the reader independently, at a convenient time, without leaving home.

A great asset during the implementation of the application was Sygnity Business Solutions’ approach to the specifics of our institution and the issues that arose during the launch and in the initial period of using BookingPlace. We could count not only on professional training, assistance at every stage of use, but also a very open approach to our suggestions on adding or improving some functionalities, which were implemented in a short time.

Our product is constantly developed and updated.
In the future, there will be further benefits, the beneficiaries of which will be current and future customers.

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