Webinar – INTEGRO administration part 2 – search – 22.05.24

We would like to invite you to the next webinar on issues related to the use of the PROLIB system, which will take place on 22 May at 10:00. This time we will focus on administration in INTEGRO. The topic of the webinar will be: INTEGRO administration part 2 - searching This time we will [...]

The PROLIB Digital Library

Biblioteka Cyfrowa PROLIB - most między przeszłością a przyszłością When the first digital library appeared in 1994, few could have predicted the huge impact digitisation would have on access to knowledge. Today, after nearly three decades, we can enjoy resources numbering in the millions of works available without leaving home. In creating the PROLIB Digital [...]

Happy Easter 2024!

During these special festive days, we would like to wish you peace, health and joy. May the coming time be an opportunity to rest and prosper and gather strength to achieve all your goals!

Webinar – INTEGRO Administration Part 1 – Appearance

We would like to invite you to next webinar concerning issues related to the use of the PROLIB system. This time we will focus on administration in INTEGRO. The topic of the webinar will be: INTEGRO administration part 1 - appearance Administration of the INTEGRO platform opens up a wide range of personalisation possibilities, allowing [...]

Summary of March Quatra Max webinars

During our recent webinars, we touched on the Quatra Portal, taking a closer look at the features of the space that will improve the operations of any business. In the first webinar, we discussed the 'Applications' module, which is an essential part of the system that facilitates the management of the company's workflow. During the [...]

March Quatra Max webinars: discover a modern management tool for companies

We are pleased to invite you to two Quatra Max webinars that will show you new possibilities in managing and optimising your work. We are convinced that the innovations presented will open up new possibilities for you, enriching your knowledge and skills. First meeting: Applications module - 18 March, 10:00 am The first webinar, is [...]

PROLIB’s Webinar Plan for 2024

The PROLIB Library Solutions Team invites you to a series of webinars that have been carefully prepared with our clients in mind. The selection of topics is the result of suggestions received from a survey conducted among the users of the system. In 2024, we have planned a series of webinars aimed at showcasing the [...]

Lubuskie Wawrzyny 2023 awarded

Last Friday, the Lubuskie Laurels 2023 Awards Gala took place. This event annually attracts fans of literature, science, and journalism. Among the sponsors of the gala was Sygnity Business Solutions. The Lubuskie Laurels Gala is not only an occasion to celebrate achievements but also a moment to appreciate the cultural richness of our region. Awards [...]

Lubuskie Wawrzyny 2023 Award Gala

We are ahead of the 2023 Lubuskie Wawrzyny Gala. The ceremony will take place this year on March 1, 2024, at 6:00 PM in the Janusz Koniusz Hall at the Cyprian Norwid Voivodeship and Municipal Public Library in Zielona Góra. As in previous years, Sygnity Business Solutions is sponsoring this event. We remind you that [...]