PROLIB Cloud System

Do you want a modern library that uses innovative technologies and doesn’t require large investments in infrastructure and IT support? If so, PROLIB Cloud is for you – a service that provides access to the PROLIB library system as SaaS (Software as a Service). This means you don’t have to worry about servers, backups, updates, or technical support – everything is in the cloud and under the care of professionals. PROLIB Cloud guarantees security, reliability, and convenience.

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Bibliotekarz Powiatowej Biblioteki Publicznej w Sierpcu
Coordinator at the WSB Merito University Library in Warsaw
Director at the District Public Library in Świecie
Library Manager at the National Centre for Nuclear Research
The Janusz Kurtyka Foundation Team
Manager of the Central Prison Library
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How does PROLIB CLOUD streamline the work of librarians?

Processing of All Types of Collections

⇒ Quick Processing of Various Types of Materials in Dedicated Creators

⇒ Possibility of Importing Bibliographic Descriptions from Various Sources


⇒ Streamlining the Planning and Execution of Purchases

⇒ Comprehensive Management of Orders, Subscriptions, and Accessions

⇒ Possibility of Controlling the Library’s Budget

Z39.50 Client

⇒ Downloading Ready-Made Bibliographic Descriptions from the National Library

⇒ Possibility of Adding Any Sources from Which Descriptions Will Be Downloaded

CKHW Client

⇒ Possibility of Using the Central Catalogue of Standard Headings

⇒ Maintaining Consistency and Accuracy of Terms Used in the System

Lending and Storage

⇒ Managing a database of readers with personal data selected by the library

⇒ Automatic control of reader accounts in terms of loans, orders, and reservations

⇒ Possibility of extensive reporting on reader activities and arrears

Inventory and Losses

⇒ Facilitating the Collection Control Process

⇒ Ability to Conduct Multiple Inventories Simultaneously

⇒ Comprehensive Reporting on the Conducted Collection Control and Quantitative and Valuational Changes in the Book Collection


⇒ Possibility of Fully Tailoring the System to the Library’s Needs and Specificity

⇒ Management of Operator Permissions


⇒ Intuitive Searching of the Library’s Book Collection and Electronic Sources

⇒ Access to the Catalog on Mobile Devices

⇒ Access to the Reader’s Account

What Benefits Does the INTEGRO Catalog of the PROLIB CLOUD System Provide for Readers?

⇒ Ability to communicate with readers via email, catalog notifications, and SMS

⇒ Access to the catalog and reader account always at hand, regardless of the device used

⇒ Ability to browse library resources by collections and rankings

⇒ Ability to review and rate read titles

⇒ Personalization of the reader’s account

If you want to read about the benefits of using the cloud model, click HERE.

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