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Desiderata – a new opening

The word desideratum comes from the ancient Latin desideratum, which means “something desirable that must be possessed.” In the PROLIB system, this means requesting specific titles by readers or librarians.

The option to submit purchase proposals has been available in the PROLIB system since version 2016.1.00. It’s been a long time since the first version of this functionality. A lot has also changed in the tool itself over the last few years.

A Tailor-Made Library System – User Experience In Prolib Solutions


We usually talk about the success of a product when we observe the sales bars.

mPROLIB mobile application – whatt’s new?


The mobile application for readers of libraries working in the PROLIB library system has gained new functionalities.

Easy access zone in book machines supported by the PROLIB system


Book-o-mat’s are gaining more and more popularity. Nowadays, they fit in with the idea of a book “coming” to the reader.

Statistics in the PROLIB library system

Statystyka w systemie Prolib

Another statistical year has passed and by February 7, 2022, form K-03 Library report should be completed and sent to the Central Statistical Office.

How to choose a library system?


With a sufficient dose of probability’ we can say that every professionally active library director at least once has had to face the necessity of choosing a library system.

Comparison of EBS vs Fusion technology solutions


In this article, we will try to explain the technological differences between Oracle EBS and Oracle Fusion products.

Robotic Process Automation – in short RPA


Robotic Process Automation is a system which enables automation of repeatable processes.

SaaS / PaaS / IaaS . . . but what are we talking about?

rozwiązania-chmurowe-w bazie-wiedzy-sbs

“Go to cloud” or “Step into the cloud” are some of the most common items in modern organizations’ IT strategic plans.

Comparison of EBS vs Fusion business functionality

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In this article, we will try to explain the functional differences between the main business areas of Oracle EBS vs. Oracle Fusion products.

Book Terminal – “must have” of the last season


The functioning of libraries during the pandemic period has shown that with the existing organizational.

A day in the reader’s life in quarantine – library inspirations


Over the past few weeks, the coronavirus crisis has had a huge impact on society, institutions and businesses.

QUATRA MAX – servicing Employee Capital Plans


PPK is a voluntary and fully private long-term savings system, which is planned to increase the financial security of Poles retiring.

Remote Work in PROLIB System During the Library Closure


Present situation connected with the coronavirus pandemics forced everyone to change their daily routines.

Hybrid Solutions in the Mobile Applications World


Today’s world – can anyone imagine our daily life without omnipresent smartphones?

Statistics in library system PROLIB


The date of sending information on library’s work in a financial year is approaching.

Employee Portal in ERP Class System


Employee Portal is a platform supporting both company’s activity as well as its employees.

Vital Role of People in ERP System Implementation


There are many articles and more or less scientific publications about ERP systems

Use of Big Data in Public Administration


The notion of Big Data is identified with data of significant volume. They may come from social services and from many devices sensors.