Administrator of the system


I. Basic interface

1. Choice of Polish or English language version
2. Presentation of the site map with a list of available subpages depending on the role of the logged in user
3. Presentation of information on cookie policy
4. Structure preview capability
a) possibility to preview objects in a tree and in a table
b) possibility to preview object properties
– preview of properties defined by administrator
– preview of object photographs
– preview of information on object opening hours with current information on object opening status
– preview of interactive organization map
c) possibility to search objects by their attributes (defining search conditions)
d) possibility to search only for favorite objects

5. Reservation calendar preview
a) possibility to select an object from the organization’s structure, for which reservations are presented
b) possibility to preview reservations in a monthly, weekly, and daily view c) possibility to preview reservations in the form of a schedule
d) inclusion of object hierarchy
e) inclusion of object opening hours
f) presentation of information about time, place, and reservation status

II. Administrator interface

1. Customizable Polish and English language version
a) possibility to edit general messages, names of user statuses, names of elements of the library structure, names of booking statuses, names of record type in the booking history, labels and property values created by the administrator
b) possibility to search the message on the basis of the original value and translation

2. Mini CMS – management of content presented on the website (Polish and English language):
a) possibility to develop a subpage with information about the library
b) possibility to develop the content of the message informing about the cookies policy

3. Ability to define properties that describe elements of the library structure
a) ability to add properties, values of which can be represented by text, number, date, time, selection list
b) ability to assign an individual property name
c) ability to set validation rules for particular property types
d) ability to assign a default value to a particular property
e) ability to activate inheritance of a given property and its values by subordinate objects in organization structure
f) ability to delete a property
g) ability to clone a defined number of objects with selected properties

4. Ability to group properties
a) ability to create a new group of properties
b) ability to add to the group the properties created by the administrator
c) ability to add to the group two available system properties: opening hours and image
d) ability to remove properties from the group
e) ability to remove a group of properties

5. Possibility of managing operators’ rights
a) the ability to search for an operator on the basis of its ID
b) the ability to give / take away rights of the application administrator or reservation administrator
c) the ability to define the operator performing services (service mode)

6. Ability to manage user rights based on their status
a) ability to search for a status by its name
b) ability to manage the rights of a single status, all statuses within the library and all statuses
c) ability to grant a right to execute reservations for particular statuses
d) ability to set a limit on the number of reservations for a status
e) ability to set a time limit on reservations for a status
f) ability to set the maximum time between the moment of making a reservation and the beginning of the reservation period (advance booking time counted in days)

7. Possibility of basic application configurationacji
a) ability to select the days of the week that will appear on the booking calendar
b) ability to determine the time range, which will constitute the boundary hours on the booking calendar
c) ability to enable the mode with automatic confirmation of reservations d) ability to determine a full or simplified mode of the booking process
e) ability to choose a simple or complex e-mail template
f) ability to block/unblock the creation of parallel reservations
g) ability to enable the creation of cyclic and multiday bookings
h) ability to run the function of confirming the arrival of CHECK-IN
i) ability to define the minimum time of a single booking
j) ability to define the period before the notification about the upcoming booking is sent

8. Ability to generate reserve statistics
a) possibility to choose one of the available types of report:
– a list of the number of reservations by day of the week
– a list of daily number of reservations by facilities
– a list of the number of reservations by duration
– a list of the number of operations on reservations by type
– a list of people who were at the location on a given day (for COVID-19)
b) possibility to save a report to a PDF file

9. Dashbord (dashbord)
a) presentation of the panel with the most important information about the application (application management help)
– reservations to be confirmed
– information about the license limits (reservation objects, users)
– information about the lack of defined reservation administrators
– information about incorrect reservations
– information about the lack of defined opening hours
– information about unread messages
– information about parallel reservations
– information about unsent e-mails