PROLIB library system integrated with all major online payment providers

Marta Bednarek

Płatności on-line

The E-commerce in Poland report published at the end of 2022 shows that Poles have fallen in love with online payments. Statistics show that the most important thing for us is the ability to make a quick transfer (70% of users) and mobile payments, e.g. BLIK (58% of users). In the youngest age group, as many as 80% of buyers use mobile payments [1].

The PROLIB system is ready for on-line payments

Online payments are no longer just the domain of online stores. We got used to the fact that we can pay basically for everything in this way. Why not pay library fees in this way as well? The increasingly rich offer of libraries means that readers are charged not only for late return of documents, but also for other services. The modern offer of the library, which meets the needs of users, is complemented by non-cash payments. The PROLIB system provides solutions in which the reader can independently pay the dues through the INTEGRO catalog and pay using the BLIK code directly to the librarian.

BLIK in libraries – facilitation for readers

How often do we find ourselves searching all pockets for cash because we can’t pay for purchases with a card? We don’t have exact statistics here, but we can safely assume that a large group of people has already been put in such a situation. However, the lack of a payment terminal in libraries does not necessarily mean that only cash payments will be accepted. The optimal solution is the integration of PROLIB with BLIK. It is one of the most popular payment methods – in 2022, over 1.2 billion transactions were made with it [2].

In this solution, we do not have to incur additional costs related to the purchase and maintenance of payment terminals. The entire process takes place directly in the PROLIB system. Only the BLIK code, which the reader generates in his banking application, is needed to settle the fees. The fee is automatically settled by the system; we also minimize the risk of error by the librarian, who does not have to rewrite the settled payment anywhere. Even if the reader is not happy that he has any fees to settle, he will certainly appreciate that he can settle them in such a simple way.

INTEGRO catalog – the possibility of quick payments always at hand

Payment of fees is also possible directly from the reader’s account in the INTEGRO catalogue. In this solution, it does not matter at what time, from what place and on what device we want to make a payment. If there is a fee waiting for us, we can settle it whenever we want. This is an extremely convenient solution, but also comfortable – especially for people who do not feel comfortable with the fact that they did not keep an eye on the return date and are now in arrears with payments. Fortunately, online payment systems do not judge, but safely accept our payments. The reader immediately receives confirmation that the payment has been booked, and the library has this information on dedicated reports. The whole process is fully automated and does not require any additional actions by librarians.

The solutions described above can operate in parallel in PROLIB and INTEGRO in the system, or you can choose only one of the variants. Regardless of the chosen solution – the library will certainly benefit from extending its offer with online payments. Libraries’ experience shows that the implementation of online payments has a positive effect on collection of fees. In this case, the money collected virtually is a real injection of funds for the library, which can thus constantly expand its offer.

The PROLIB library system is integrated with all major payment providers: PayU, Dotpay, Przelewy24 and Paybynet, which guarantee safe settlement of fees at the highest level.

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