Mitigating the effects of COVID

Systems to help companies operate in the COVID-19 era

Effective operation during a pandemic is a challenge for many industries – not only those that are most affected by the introduced restrictions.

Remote work has almost become the norm. To minimize the risk of infection, many companies have opted for a remote or hybrid work model. The number of people staying in offices at the same time is limited, which is related to the need to properly manage the resources owned by the organization, such as place and equipment, and to organize the circulation of documents in a way that allows not only their remote operation, but also acceptance.

The solutions offered by Sygnity Business Solutions – SignThis and BOOKINGPLACE – are universal and will prove themselves in any organization, helping in the effective management of the company and its resources. Check how they will help you at work by adapting to the needs of your organization.

Purchase of licenses and services related to the launch of the BOOKINGPLACE system in the company – flexible software for managing resource reservations at the company’s disposal.

Work space reservation – the application collects data concerning people, who worked on the company’s premises on a given day. Helpful in identifying users who could contact with person infected COVID-19 in an organization.

Managing the calendar of meetings with clients – thanks to the application, the person concerned will arrange a meeting with the employee on a specific date. Your company will be able to limit the number of people staying in one space.

Purchase of licenses and services related to the launch of the SignThis system in the company – improving the flow of both: administrative and project documentation, and ensuring a chronological record of the process of accepting files, notes, and findings. SIGNTHIS is an intuitive document approval tool that can be used in any organization and industry.

Key functionalities of the SignThis tool:

  • sending documents for signature,
  • remote signing,
  • collecting data for the purpose of accepting invoices.

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