Desiderata – suggest a purchase

In the first half of the 19th century, the Spanish parish priest Don Vincente and the Protestant theologian Johannn Georg Tinius (1764-1846) were ready to kill in the name of getting a book. They suffered from bibliomania (Greek mania-frenzy, lust).

(Encyclopaedia of Book Knowledge, Wrocław 1971)

Today, the modern book is much more accessible. It does not arouse such emotions, but what to collect to interest the modern “bibliomaniac” who is unable to store as many books as the library has?

A purchase proposal in the PROLIB system can be created by:

  • The reader, after logging in to the library catalog on the website – INTEGRO,
  • Reader in the mPROLIB mobile application,
  • Librarian on behalf of the Reader – during direct contact with him. Librarians at Branches, Reading Rooms and Circulation Desks run the “Desiderata Register”, into which they enter the “Purchase Proposal” of the Reader,
  • Librarians working in positions not directly related to reading service.

All desiderata are in one place, integrating information in the process of acquiring new resources in the library.