Remote Work in PROLIB System During the Library Closure

Marta Bednarek

Present situation connected with the coronavirus pandemics forced everyone to change their daily routines. One of the key issues to solve is the possibility to work remotely doing the same things we used to do out of our houses. Remote work is connected not only with appropriate conditions (a workplace, equipment), but most of all with an appropriate schedule of work which can be done remotely.

In case of librarians, remote work may not include actions directly connected with the reader’s service. In PROLIB system there is, however, a number of tasks and tools which enable fulfilling the duties. Even if some of them are not used by librarians on a daily basis, it might be a good moment to reach for those tools.


We have prepared for you a suggestion of tasks which might be done during the remote work in PROLIB system:


1. Sorting readers’ databases – Readers List with Remarks report – wyp2r055.w. Removing outdated information from the Remarks field (e.g. IBUK Libra codes which are invalid).
2. Sorting readers’ personal data. Removing data which should not be collected by a library anymore – personal data anonymization procedure (launched by a PROLIB consultant – after a prior notification in the Servicing System).


1. Supplementing cover, table of contents and multimedia bases.
2. Preparing the lists of theme novelties bought by a library – List of Acquisitions report.
3. Planning purchases, checking the readers’ suggestions – analysis of the submitted purchase suggestions.
4. Descriptions melioration – adding new series terms, fictional characters – the procedure of KHW Records Melioration.
5. Verifying updates of links added to bibliographical descriptions (field 856) – using the URL Links Test tool.


1. Entering the descriptions of articles and chapters to bibliography.
2. Creating topic indexes.
3. Classification melioration (adding / removing / merging) of the terms classification – the procedure of Classification Merge.


1. Sorting copies base. Correcting copies’ values of those from before the denomination time. Searching for the copies after the manual conversion with an incorrect price (value 0.00, old price in PL).


1. Administrative works in INTEGRO – sorting records display, facet setting, preparing own interface template.
2. Preparing the content for the tab Library Information – the possibility to give the readers information about the  functioning of the library, introduced solutions and the possibility of materials ordering/ reservation.


1. Removing documents prepared to be removed (particularly those prepared as they have not been returned or are lost, because they do not exist physically).


1. Password melioration with the Passwords to Be Removed procedure.

We encourage you to use our Documentation –
The website is available after login in from every place at any time of a day and night. Thanks to it, the time of working remotely may also be used for self education.