Sygnity Business Solutions was a sponsor of the Lubuskie Wawrzyny event for 2019

Ceremonial Gala took place on 27 February 2020 in the C. Norwid Provincial and Municipal Public Library in Zielona Góra.

 During the 26th edition of Lubuski Wawrzyn Literacki (literary competition), 15th edition of Lubuski Wawrzyn Naukowy (scientific competition)  and 7th edition of Lubuski Wawrzyn Dziennikarski (journalistic competition) the awards were presented! We would like to invite you to have a look at the numerous media coverges of the event.

Gala rebroadcast – click here – click here

Gazeta Lubuska (Lubuska Daily Newspaper)- click here

Zielona Góra – Nasze Miasto -click here

TVP Gorzów – click here

In the heading the photo by Mariusz Kapała / Gazeta Lubuska