The Quatra portal starts on November 23

With reference to the previously published announcements regarding the launch of the new Portal as part of the Quatra Max software, we are pleased to announce that this moment has come! The new Portal will be available to Quatra Max customers from November 23 this year.

To meet the expectations of our customers, we provide it in the form of the so-called. “packages”, so the use of the Portal will not require the involvement of resources in companies using Quatra Max. This is important because similar functionalities on the market are usually made available in the form of software upgrades.

We encourage all our customers to use the functionality of the new Portal. A webinar will be held in the near future, during which we will present the functionalities of the new platform. We will inform you about the date of this meeting via SOS.

    Tags: ERP, ERP system, Portal, Qatra Max