We were there – Boiling Frogs 2019!

Representatives of Sygnity Business Solutions took part in specialized software conference.

Programming Inspirations

Boiling Frogs conference took part on 30 March 2019 took part in Congress Center in Wrocław.

The idea of the conference is to touch upon topics concerning programming languages and frameworks as tools which can be used in many ways, regardless of a certain solutions, e.g. Java or PHP. There is a certain universal range of knowledge and skills, which are always valid and make programmer’s work quality higher. The main objective of the conference is to inspire programmers to solve problems using different tools and paradigms in their everyday work and experience exchange between the event participants.

All lectures were worth attending, however a few deserve distinctions:

1. Radosław Maziarka / Technology Development Manager
Based on the previous experiences, there we presented defense mechanisms against cognitive errors, which eliminate problems on the stage of designing. It allows optimum budget management in the entire project.

2. Łukasz Szydło / How does architect know?
The presentation on the work of the architect who should base not only on developed assumptions and intuition, but also on standardized design processes which is understandable for the rest of the teammates.

3. Sławek Sobótka / Event Storming – How to Shorten the Distance Between IT and Business
A lecture on a technique which allows conducting “analytical” sessions with business, thanks to which information gathered at the meeting can be transformed into decisions about microservice boarders and realm model code like Domain-driven Design.

4. Piotr Przebył / Four Diseases
Presentation on the subject of system analysis concerning paying attention only to its input and output. Shortening of the diagnosis time was presented in an original and funny way.


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