A Christmas card – different than usual!

The holiday season and the traditions associated with it, including the custom of making wishes, are approaching. Every year we remember to contact our close ones, but also our colleagues and business partners and wish all the best. To those we cannot meet directly, we send occasional cards.

This year we have far fewer opportunities for meetings than in the past. Unlike usual, we also approached the subject of sending wishes! We decided to combine the nice gesture of sending a proof of remembrance with support for an organization that brings good to the world.

Instead of paper, undoubtedly beautiful Christmas cards, which enjoy the eye with their sophisticated design, but unfortunately quickly become obsolete and feed waste paper and landfill sites, this year we chose an electronic card.

But not just any!

Our Christmas card was prepared by SOS Children’s Villages Association. Thanks to this form, the funds for the purchase of the card will be credited to the account of the organization that helps the weakest, orphaned and abandoned children. It allows them to experience the warmth of the home fire, and to keep the siblings together. With this symbolic gesture, we want to make a contribution so that children can break away from their problems for a while.

Nature will also breathe a sigh of relief.