Digital Library – intuitive digital asset management

We are introducing a new tool for librarians and readers – the Digital Library. It is a solution that meets the needs of modern library users and librarians.

The Digital Library, developed by the Sygnity Business Solutions team, is a comprehensive tool that allows for the management of digital resources and broader dissemination of knowledge.

Why is it worth getting to know our Digital Library?

It can operate in two modes:

  • For libraries using the PROLIB system – integrated with the INTEGRO multi-search engine,
  • As a separate product that operates independently of the library system in use.

The Digital Library offers access through an intuitive web interface, ensuring easy and convenient access to content without the need for installing additional plugins and tools.

If you use the INTEGRO catalog in the PROLIB system, the Digital Library enables seamless searching of resources from a single search window and the use of one reader account.

We guarantee data transfer in various formats, ensuring security. Additionally, we ensure compliance with the international accessibility standards WCAG 2.1, so that every reader has easy access to the content

We support and service the OAI-PMH protocol, which facilitates data exchange. Your digital resources can be visible in various types of content aggregators (e.g., in the Federation of Digital Libraries).

If you need assistance or have questions about customizing the system to your needs, our experts are ready to help you at every stage.

Introduce your library to a new digital era or replace your digital library with a tool integrated with the PROLIB system.

Thanks to the Digital Library of the PROLIB System, you will provide your readers with access to knowledge in a modern and efficient way. Open a new chapter in your library and join our community, which emphasizes simple and intuitive access to knowledge.

Discover a new dimension of access to digital content together with us!