PROLIB Webinars – 2023 Summary

The beginning of the year invariably reminds us of various summaries of the past year. In the previous one – 2023 – we initiated a series of webinars on the PROLIB system.
So far, there have been 6 such meetings, during which our experts shared their knowledge with librarians. We thank the participants for their involvement and willingness to develop their skills!

Our journey began with the training “Budgeting in the Collection Module” on March 22.
The next step was a three-part training “Processing Journals”, which gathered a total of 123 participants! From the basics of bibliographic record processing, through issues related to resources, to the details of collection – each part was full of knowledge and inspiration.
We started the autumn webinars on October 4, with the topic “Standard Entries”, and the last point on our training map was “Processing Board Games and Comics”, which took place on November 15.
All our trainings enjoyed positive feedback from participants, which only confirms that our effort in providing quality educational materials is effective.

Here’s what our participants say: “The format of the training is perfectly tailored to our needs. Everything was conveyed clearly and understandably, and the instructors demonstrated great knowledge and ability to explain thoroughly.” “The training plan was 100% realized. The trainings were conducted at a high level, with numerous practical examples.”

PROLIB Webinars 2023 in numbers:
6 meetings
167 participants
98% satisfied students
Thank you for your presence and trust. Your interest and positive feedback are the best motivation for us to continue our work and develop our training programs. See you at the next sessions in the coming year!