Downloading access codes to the Legimi platform from libraries

Downloading access codes to the Legimi platform from libraries is very popular among readers. Libraries have already introduced various ways to distribute these codes – by e-mail, in person or by telephone. However, each of these methods requires additional work of the librarian. Our solution allows the logged-in reader to download the code for Legimi directly from the INTEGRO catalog.
Downloading codes from INTEGRO is fully automated, however, it remains under the control of the library all the time. It is librarians who decide about restrictions on access to codes – it is possible to block access for readers with an account lockout and for selected statuses. The library also has information about the number of downloaded codes and their list with the assignment to the reader.
In this solution, the path that the reader must follow to download the code is definitely shortened. If they meet the conditions for receiving the code, it is enough to log in to the INTEGRO catalog and after a few clicks they can enjoy access to the Legimi platform. Librarians receive comprehensive information about assigned codes and no longer have to do this work manually. This solution optimizes work and meets the needs of readers.