Electronic services in public libraries… and more

The Polish Central Statistical Office published data concerning the condition of polish public libraries in 2019. It shows that they are expanding their offer with services provided with the use of new technologies. On-line catalogs were available in 5,665 libraries (+4.9% than in 2018). Access to electronic books and journals, databases and other electronic collections) was possible thanks to 2 011 libraries. Public libraries have websites where they provide digitized content, e-books or links to materials from other libraries or network services. More data…

The PROLIB INTEGRO multi-search engine fits perfectly into the trend of public libraries digitalization. It is part of the PROLIB library system that allows you to search the library catalog and various databases simultaneously. The Central Index includes such services as IBUKLibra, Legimi, Wolne Lektury, ebookpoint BIBLIO, EMIS -available for libraries in the standard service. The Arianta and Academica bases have recently expanded the list. We also offer the possibility of integration with digital libraries and local repositories

The advantage of PROLIB INTEGRO is the possibility of enriching the system with various e-services for readers, i.e. booking rooms and computer stations so useful in the era of a pandemic, as well as registration using the e-PUAP profile, online payments, ordering scans and photocopies, home delivery and many other.
Due to these functionalities, the PROLIB INTEGRO multi-search engine was nominated to participate in the Good Design 2020 Competition. It is a significant distinction for the product present on the library services market.

In the era of the COVID-19 pandemic, a particularly useful functionality is the possibility of booking workspaces in libraries, introduced under the name BOOKingPLACE. This module turned out to be very interesting not only for libraries, but also for companies that can manage reservations for conference rooms, workstations, but also parking spaces or booking time for meetings with a business advisor.