New feature in Quatra Max – recording contracts for the use of private cars for business purposes

We are pleased to present to you a novelty in the Quatra Max system’s offer – a function that allows you to record contracts for the use of private cars for business purposes. The new function has been created for companies that value flexibility and the optimisation of HR and administrative processes.

The process of recording contracts – simple and intuitive

The new solution allows contracts to be recorded in the Employees File and Associates File, which facilitates the management of documentation in the context of a selected person. This makes it possible to select a private means of transport when planning business trips, which is a considerable simplification and time-saver for both employees and HR.

Recording of contracts for the use of private cars for business purposes – benefits

There are many benefits to implementing this function. Firstly, the ability to generate detailed reports on contracts is significantly increased, which directly translates into better cost control and more efficient resource management. In addition, thanks to the integration with the Delegations module, all business travel planning processes become more consistent and automated.

This function also optimises HR processes through the digitalisation of documents, which saves time and reduces the costs associated with traditional paper circulation. Contracts can be quickly accepted and managed electronically, significantly speeding up decision-making processes within the company.

Easy access and management

On the Quatra portal, when registering a business trip, it is also possible to easily indicate the means of transport resulting from the registered contract. This not only simplifies procedures, but also promotes a more sustainable approach to the use of resources.