The year 2020 was the time, when libraries faced a number of challenges related to functioning during a pandemic. Like many other institutions and private companies, libraries had to switch to remote work, at least partially, contact with readers was significantly impeded, collections must be quarantined …

Technological news in response to the epidemic

PROLIB has always been designed to facilitate the work of librarians. In 2020, we tried to ensure that these activities could be implemented as effectively as possible, despite the applicable restrictions. How did we do it?

As every year, we published two new versions of the system rich in technological facilities, based on the latest solutions. The new functionalities enjoyed the greatest recognition among our clients:

  • Reviewing in INTEGRO,
  • Collections in INTEGRO, ie the ability to create lists, lists of literature.
  • Integration with Europeana in the INTEGRO CENTRAL INDEX
  • Extension of the CENTRAL INDEX with new databases: Academica, Artstor, Open Science Repository – CEON.
  • Integration in INTEGRO with Przelewy24 and DotPay services and in the Rental with the BLIK service.
  • Extension of the desideratum with the possibility of changing the agenda, automatic execution of the desideratum, the new Analyzed status and the option of entering comments for the reader.
  • Enrichment of the Lending Room with the addition of information about the reader in terms of his gender, nationality, additional e-mail address, comments for blockades and extension of the register of access to any visits. It is also possible to add a photo of the reader for easy identification, as well as to enter information about persons authorized to the account.
  • The Instance Module received a new Limit to Destination filter and the ability to save a detailed history of changes to an instance.
  • Extensions in the scope of reports in the PROLIB system.
  • The mPROLIB mobile application has gained, among others dark mode theme.

All these changes (and many more) are available to our customers under the PROLIB service policy. Each of our libraries has access to new versions of the system.

Bookingplace – reservation of the places in the library (and more …)

The Bookingplace application turned out to be particularly useful during the epidemic. It is used to reserve workplaces in the library, e.g. computer workstations, quiet work rooms, conference rooms, etc.

This product is so versatile that it can also be applied in a broader context – for resources used at universities, such as lecture halls, parking areas, sports facilities, etc. The pandemic made the necessity to maintain social distance an organizational challenge for many entities. Our new application is perfect for this situation.

Library inspiration: how to deal with a pandemic?

It is natural that book-o-mats gained importance during this difficult time. However, the libraries have gone one step further! Brand new forms have also appeared:

  • Parcel machine as a book-o-mat is a novelty that quickly gained the sympathy of readers. You can learn more about this interesting solution, used by the library in the Copernican Library, from the TV material: TVP Bydgoszcz
  • Bytom came up with the idea of ​​placing literary feeders on its territory. In times of pandemic and closed libraries, it is an interesting solution that facilitates readers’ access to books. You can not only borrow books purchased as part of the project, but also bring your already read books, thus enriching the collection. More on that here.

You can also preview the technological facilities that were introduced in the Municipal Public Library in Czechowice-Dziedzice, among others. thanks to the PROLIB and INTEGRO systems. The movie prepared by the library is worth recommending – it can be an inspiration for other libraries. You will find it here >>

Let’s not forget about the mobile application and remote rentals, which include provide access to books for students during a pandemic as part of the “ProStudent Package” campaign organized by the Provincial Pedagogical Library in Krosno.

These are just some of the creative uses of the tools available in the PROLIB system.

New libraries in the PROLIB family

Despite numerous turbulences, 2020 was the time of the implementation of many projects. The following libraries have joined the group of PROLIB system users:

  • Maritime University of Szczecin,
  • WSB University in Poznań, Chorzów and Szczecin,
  • Upper Silesian School of Economics in Katowice
  • and the State Higher Vocational School in Głogów.

Each of the projects was successful, and cooperation with clients resulted in new solutions in the PROLIB system itself. It is safe to say that after joint implementation of the system, the client becomes richer in new knowledge and solutions that will allow to satisfy readers even more.

Including in all of these implementations:

  • we delivered 59 licenses for the PROLIB system and 5 multi-search engines INTEGRO,
  • we have migrated data from Aleph, Koha, Libra and proprietary systems.

Two trends dominated among the interesting projects during the pandemic:

  1. Integration of digital databases – an example can be a project carried out in cooperation with the Library of the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław (link to the catalog:, where we integrated Europeana, Academica, Biblioteka Cyfrowa Artstor and the Lower Silesian Digital Library in CENTRALNYM INDEKSIE INTEGRO. The INTEGRO multi-search engine is systematically enriched with access to new digital databases, which are included in the standard free of charge, but we also implement dedicated projects, during which, at the client’s request, we integrate selected websites and digital libraries.
  2. Record sales of book-o-mats through our customers – these devices appeared at the University in Bydgoszcz, Toruń, Chorzów, Gdańsk and Gdynia, as well as at the Municipal Public Library in Czechowice. Another book-o-mat was also purchased by the Municipal Public Library in Sosnowiec. We observe that it is becoming more and more popular to place devices in places other than the library’s location to increase accessibility to readers. At the same time, it should be added that the scope of integration of the PROLIB system with book-o-mats is the most advanced of all solutions offered on the market. We provide a lot of functionality both for librarians handling the book-o-mat ordering process, and for readers. The PROLIB system provides, among others information on the number of used and free lockers, the number of locked or expired lockers, as well as the content of individual lockers together with information for which reader it is intended.

If you are wondering how to improve the processes in your library and how to use our experience in this area, please contact us. We will be happy to work together to develop a satisfactory solution for you.