Quatra portal – employee and managerial self-service

Soon we will be able to provide you with our new Portal. As promised, we provide further information about it.

This time, they concern the offered functionalities of the new Quatra Portal in the field of Employee and Managerial Self-Service, such as:

Communication between the employee and the employer and between the employee and the supervisor will also take place via the Portal in the following areas:

HR and Payroll processes:

  • processes related to changing the employee’s HR data,
  • processes related to the change of remuneration,
  • registration of overtime and private departures,

Administrative processes:

  • employee equipment management.

We want to emphasize that one of the main challenges that we have set for ourselves when building a new solution is ecology. We hope that our new Quatra Portal will allow you to eliminate paper documents in business processes supported by our Quatra MAX System.