Launching the Quatra Portal – a set of technical issues

The launch of the Quatra Portal is coming soon! Our counter shows only 60 days to the premiere.

The time has come to unveil the secret, today in the field of technical issues. The new Quatra Portal will be based on the latest version of the Vaadin platform – a tool for building applications in Java.

What are the benefits for users?

  • it will modernize the appearance of the user interface, enable it to be adapted to the latest standards and trends in web applications,
  • it will ensure correct display on the latest versions of the most popular browsers using their latest features and functions,
  • it will allow to maintain the highest security standards, guaranteed by the latest versions of browsers and the latest version of the Vaadin platform,
  • guarantees the responsiveness of the interface – that means: the correct display of the application on all screen sizes, from full-size view in a web browser, through tablets, to smartphones. This feature is especially important for people using the platform via mobile devices.

We will provide more information concerning this portal soon. Follow us and stay up to date!