Recertification ISO in Sygnity Business Solutions

In October 2020, a recertification audit of the Integrated Quality and Information Security Management System implemented at Sygnity Business Solutions took place. Due to unfavourable external conditions – a pandemic – the audit was for the first time carried out using remote techniques, but due to the multitude of issues and significant risks it took almost 10 days.

At that time, the auditors of the accredited certification body confirmed the conformity of the processes carried out in the Company with the requirements of ISO9001 and ISO27001 standards and did not indicate any inconsistencies. It is a great joy for the Company, as it shows that high standards defined not only by the requirements of the standards, but also by the provisions of the law and the Clients have been met. Additionally, the certificates it holds make it possible to enter into tenders and effectively compete for the implementation of subsequent projects for the Clients.

ISO-compliant management systems are ubiquitous today. It has become obvious that almost everyone has implemented ISO9001, a popular “quality”. Their popularity is primarily influenced by the requirements of customers, who include a provision on the necessity to have a quality management system in their tender requirements). If the management system is implemented correctly, i. e. in connection with the processes the company implements, it significantly facilitates ordering and systematizing the processes taking place in the organization, unambiguously defining the path of conduct, as well as assigning responsibility for individual elements of the processes. However, ISO standards do not provide ready-made solutions, but only indicate directions and best practices, so they are an excellent tool to facilitate quality management. On the one hand, we have guidelines that need to be met, and on the other hand, we are completely free to implement them. All this so that at the end of the day, every action brings added value to the company.

In recent years, the second management system implemented at Sygnity Business Solutions, i. e. the information security management system, has become very popular. Its purpose is to ensure that all data processed by the Company – those generated by the Company, as well as all data of the Company’s stakeholders – are properly protected and secured against unauthorised access. Nowadays, when information has become one of the most valuable elements of competitive advantage, it is necessary to introduce appropriate precautions. Having certified management systems increases the prestige in the eyes of customers, increases trust in the company and allows for efficient identification and management of threats (before it is too late).

– Management systems at Sygnity Business Solutions have a long history. Over the years they have evolved to today’s form, which is efficient and optimized so that it does not generate unnecessary bureaucratic burden supporting business processes. Such coupling of management systems with the processes taking place in the company allows for an effective and quick response to the needs of customers, while identifying threats and preventing them at the earliest stage, thanks to which due diligence in securing the interests of the company and customers is maintained. – commented Edyta Rutkiewicz, who is the Internal Auditor and the Management Board’s Plenipotentiary for the Quality Management System at Sygnity.