Summary of 2021

2021 is another year of operation in a pandemic environment. We were constantly adapting to operate as efficiently as possible and to take advantage of emerging opportunities for our company. Both private and professional life has changed, but we have found effective ways to carry out our activities in different settings and surroundings. We have also started to use all tools supporting remote work, including electronic signature, more effectively.

Our clients, having experienced remote work in 2020, had no doubts in 2021 that we would jointly and effectively implement each project without the need for meetings in their offices.

The pandemic had a huge impact on the dynamics of the digital transformation. The demand for IT services increased significantly, which was particularly noticeable in the second half of 2021. There was a growing interest in the introduction of e-services, automation and digitization of processes, and in cloud services.

When pointing to the positive aspects of the pandemic, it should be emphasized that we are certainly all more ECO. We have less and less paper documentation. We use the electronic signature on a mass scale both in operational work within our organizations, as well as in relations with our Business Partners.

Since the team has been the greatest and most important asset of our company for many years, our organizational culture and relationships built between team members in times of a pandemic have gained even more important and special attention. We focused our activities on the effective introduction of new team members to the organization, not only in terms of the substantive introduction, but also on the effective, remote building of our organizational culture. The priority is to create an environment in which all employees feel an integral part of our company, in addition to the possibility of achieving their individual goals and professional ambitions.

An important event in 2021 for all team members was the 30th anniversary of Sygnity Business Solutions. It was a time when we remembered historical events and we had the opportunity to thank all employees, associates, business partners and clients for taking up various challenges together. Thanks to their commitment and creativity, we have successfully completed many innovative projects throughout the history of the Company.

Summing up the year 2021 is a time of constant adaptation  to changes. We have completed several large, significant projects for the Company. We have also signed new contracts with new customers, and our list of regular customers is longer than at the end of last year.

Thanks to the determination of our team, curiosity and openness to new technologies and the trust placed in us by our clients, we closed the financial year 2021 at a level of over 9% of net profit, which, in particular, with a significant investment in hiring new employees and adding unusual operating conditions, is a very good result.

We would like to thank our clients, business partners as well as employees and associates for the effective and efficient cooperation so far. It is thanks to you that the impossible becomes possible!

What may surprise us in the next 2022?

Will it surely bring new challenges, and will there be such surprising events as in the last two years? We do not know this, but we know for sure that regardless of the continued consistent development of our products and services, we will expand our teams and competences so as to be ready to take on new challenges during an increasingly demanding digital transformation.

Further strengthening of a friendly organizational culture will also be one of the priority activities of our management staff. We will also look for even more effective methods and tools to increase the satisfaction with working in our company.

We believe that all these activities and good partnership cooperation with customers, based on mutual trust, will bring – with each completed implementation – many benefits for the users of our solutions.

Lots of Health and Happy New Year 2022!

Management Board of Sygnity Business Solutions S.A.