Summary of 2022

Summary of 2022

Over the last three years, the order on which social life was based so far has been disturbed, the effects of which we experienced with particular intensity in the past 2022.In addition to fighting the effects of the pandemic, which we have been conducting since 2020, the year ending with the war in the background made us even more aware that there is nothing more important than our safety and focusing on universal values in human life.

The accumulation of the effects of the pandemic and war, and the resulting high inflation, resulted in an economic slowdown on the one hand, and, on the other hand, employees’ expectations greater than before not only in terms of salary increases, but also in terms of building a sense of stability, commitment and belonging.

For this reason, there has been a shift in many organizations towards activities aimed at strengthening the commitment of leaders, building an organizational culture based on values, appreciating teams and caring for the constant development of employees. In such a situation, the ability to create friendly workplaces, where openness and building an atmosphere of mutual motivation and inspiration, are the foundation of all activities, becomes particularly important. Today’s role of leaders is crucial in organizing teams and creating a space where the potential of each employee, their ambitions and innovation to achieve the set goals can be used to the maximum. Three difficult years are behind us, after which we also understand better than ever the importance of mental health and our safety.

It was a very important year for our Company, because we joined the Total Specific Solutions (TSS) Group, a leading supplier of software for markets in Europe, which has in its DNA and for many years promoted the principles of building such organizations and creating organizational cultures that focus on building value for our clients and on supporting leaders, developing our own employees, building a very strong sense of belonging and stability, which in the current market situation is also a great support for us.

In the passing year, we also completed several projects that are significant for the Company, we signed new contracts with new clients, which have a significant impact on building stability for our organization.

We provided our clients with real value based on new technologies and solutions that are gaining in importance in the current situation and fit into new market needs. We carried out subsequent projects in Cloud technologies, built mobile solutions, supported our clients in implementing legislative changes and solutions that automate and streamline processes. For clients who planned large IT transformations, we prepared analyzes that will be the basis for making key and strategic decisions.

Thanks to the commitment of our team and the trust of our clients, we closed the 2022 financial year at a level above 10% of net profit, which, taking into account all the events of the passing year, is a satisfactory result.

We would like to thank our Clients, Business Partners and Employees for their effective cooperation so far.

It is thanks to you that we can achieve our goals every year!

What will be the next year 2023?

Will there be such surprising events as in recent years? We do not know, but we hope that it will bring us more peace and a sense of security in private.

As a company, we will continue our activities in the field of building a friendly, safe organization focused on achieving goals and achieving success together with our clients.

We will look for even more effective ways of cooperation so that Employees want to stay in our organization as long as possible and develop together with our Company. We will expand our teams and competences, as well as our solutions, so as to be ready to take on new challenges in the increasingly demanding market of digital transformation, in particular in the field of Cloud solutions, which our clients in many cases, after the events of the last year, perceive in terms of guaranteeing the security of running their business. We will focus our activities on providing new types of services as well as new solutions and functionalities in our products to meet new market needs and provide added value for our customers.

We are convinced that all activities addressed to our clients as well as our employees will bring many benefits and satisfaction from cooperation to each of the parties.

We wish you a lot of health, peace and all the best in the New Year 2023!

If there is something to surprise us in the New Year, we want it to be only positive events!

Management Board of Sygnity Business Solutions S.A.