Summary of March’s Quatra Max webinars

During our recent webinars, we touched on the Quatra Portal, taking a closer look at the features of the space that will improve the operations of any business.

In the first webinar, we discussed the ‘Applications’ module, which is an essential part of the system that facilitates the management of the company’s workflow.

During the meeting, we recalled the general functions of the Portal, then focused on the details of the Requests module, presenting its capabilities and benefits for users. We discussed the workflow process and its integration with the Quatra system, which allows for the effective management of employee requests in a wide range of areas, from requests for private leave, to holiday subsidies, to training and advance payment requests.

Examples of applications we have parameterised with our clients

⇒ Request for private exit

⇒ Request for redundancy of private departure

⇒ Request for business leave

⇒ Confirmation of overtime work

⇒ Overtime work order.

⇒ Directing a subordinate to pick up overtime.

⇒ Request for collection of overtime

⇒ Request for remote cyclical work

⇒ Request for occasional remote working

⇒ Request for time sheet (completion of RCP readings – entry/exit and time)

⇒ Application for employee holiday subsidy

⇒ Application for co-financing holidays of a child

⇒ Application for funding of sports, leisure or cultural activities

⇒ Application for financial aid

⇒ Application for a housing loan

⇒ Application for training

⇒ Application for renovation/modernization

⇒ Application for advance payment for purchases

⇒ Application for settlement of advance payment

The second webinar focused on the advantages of introducing the Quatra Portal in organisations. We highlighted the important role it plays in optimising HR processes, significantly reducing document handling time. We also showed how easy it is to transfer and manage documentation directly through the Portal. An important aspect of using the Quatra Portal is the possibility to access it from mobile devices, which definitely increases the comfort of work.

We presented the benefits of integrating with other Quatra Max system modules, highlighting how this facilitates records management and contributes to cost reduction by eliminating paper documents.

During both webinars, numerous questions from participants were answered, allowing for a deeper understanding of the content presented and addressing any concerns.

We are delighted with your large turnout and thank you for your active participation in our meetings.

As we expected when designing the individual modules, you appreciate the comprehensiveness of the Quatra Portal. This is a great satisfaction for us.