Webinar – INTEGRO Administration Part 1 – Appearance

We would like to invite you to next webinar concerning issues related to the use of the PROLIB system. This time we will focus on administration in INTEGRO. The topic of the webinar will be: INTEGRO administration part 1 – appearance

Administration of the INTEGRO platform opens up a wide range of personalisation possibilities, allowing users to tailor the appearance of the catalogue to individual needs. As a first step, it is worth focusing on the visual aspect, i.e. on modifying the appearance of bibliographic records and copies in the various sections of the system. We will discuss how to not only improve, but also completely change the presentation of the content so that it is linked to the look of the library website.

In addition, we will show how to enhance the interface with logos and other graphical elements that not only enhance the visual appeal, but also affect the functionality of the catalogue.

There is a fee to attend our webinar and participation is subject to order.

Places are limited, participation is determined by the date of registration.

Please register by 16 April 2024.

You are welcome to attend!