30 years have passed…

In the rush of everyday tasks we do not pay attention to the passing time. However, there are some anniversaries that should not be forgotten. Sygnity Business Solutions will celebrate its 30th year of operations in 2021.

The company was established in 1991. At the time when Polish entrepreneurship got the proverbial “wind in its sails” on the wave of political changes, an IT company called Max Elektronik S. A. appeared in Zielona Góra. In the same year, the first e-mail was sent from Poland. This is probably the best illustration how the world has changed since that time.

Over these 30 years, successive milestones in the development of information technology have translated into new customer needs and the ability to tailor solutions to those needs. There are several landmark dates in the companys history, but one is worth mentioning 2015, when the competences of the Sygnity S. A. Group in the field of ERP operations were centralised and incorporated into the company Max Elektronik S. A. At that moment the company changed its name to Sygnity Business Solutions S. A.

Meeting online

On 28 April, an online meeting of the Sygnity Business Solutions team was held, starting a series of jubilee events. The technology that has enabled us to grow for three decades has today allowed us, despite the pandemic, to celebrate our anniversary together and reminisce about the next stages of the company’s development.

The atmosphere of those times was captured by photos and memories of employees, who could exchange them together during the meeting. Numerous anecdotes made it possible to understand the reality in which key projects were implemented.

The meeting was an opportunity for the Management Board to thank employees and co-workers, both those who worked in the past and those who work now, for taking the challenges, as well as for their commitment and creativity, which made it possible to successfully complete many innovative and demanding projects.

During the meeting the children’s works prepared on the topic “My Mom, My Dad at work at Sygnity Business Solutions S. A. ” were also presented. The creativity of our kids surprised not only their parents! It was interesting to see their perspective on our daily work responsibilities. It was an insightful look because the pandemic gave them the opportunity to directly observe parents in action. The works were made in a wide variety of techniques. We will be featuring them on our social media in the coming weeks.

The anniversary celebrations could not go without a competition of knowledge about the company. Employees had to demonstrate extensive knowledge about the activities of the entire company, as well as reflexes, because the winner had to provide as many correct answers as possible in the shortest time. In the competition we asked about historical, product, design, organizational or marketing issues. There were 30 questions in total. The winner of the contest of knowledge about the Company could indicate a charitable cause to which Sygnity Business Solutions S. A. will contribute the amount of PLN 4,000.

Virtual handshake

We are glad that we could at least meet in a virtual way and thank each member of the Sygnity Business Solutions team for their work and commitment. Additionally, it was a great opportunity to share information that we found interesting for those starting career in the company.

We hope that soon we will be allowed to organize a face-to-face meeting, during which the Board of Directors will be able to personally shake hands with all employees and associates.