Jubilee aid

In the history of the Company many times activities were undertaken in order to support various initiatives. On the occasion of the Jubilee we also decided to undertake such an activity. This time the decision on the charity goal was in the hands of the employees – the person who in the shortest time gave the most correct answers in the contest of knowledge about the Company could indicate the foundation to which the funds were transferred.

The competition included 30 questions from different areas: historical, product, design, organizational and marketing. The questions were only available at a certain time. The winner had to combine knowledge, sharpness and reflexes, because the differences in points were minimal, but the most important is the goal, which was indicated by our colleague.

Sygnity Business Solutions donated a cash prize for Gene Therapy in the fight against SMA1 and rehabilitation of Ania Orłowska. This is the second time we have supported brave Ania.

We also encourage you to take part in the collection. The amount that remains to be raised is still large and time is short.

The link to the collection can be found here

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