Dedicated solution for the National System of e-Invoices

On March 30, 2022, the European Commission submitted to the Council of the European Union a draft decision enabling Poland to implement the obligation for entrepreneurs to use the KSEF system – the National System of e-Invoices, used to issue and receive structured invoices. The necessity to issue and receive invoices by the FSC will most likely become obligatory from April 1, 2023. It will involve a number of changes in the IT systems issuing and receiving invoices.

Sygnity Business Solutions, the producer of the Quatra Max system and a partner of leading ERP software producers, is preparing a dedicated solution – the Biz2Gov platform, enabling communication between the IT systems of customers / entrepreneurs and the governmental KSeF system.

The solution proposed by SBS will meet all the mandatory requirements related to KSeF and will provide SBS customers with a number of facilities that will help them adapt their systems to the new guidelines.

As part of the Biz2Gov platform, the following are prepared for KSeF:

  • structured invoice semantic validation services,
  • services of sending invoices to KSeF,
  • downloading and storing metadata of invoices sent to the KSEF, including UPO,
  • services of downloading invoices from the KSeF,
  • the service of splitting invoices downloaded from the KSeF into streams for individual customer systems, according to rules managed from the platform level,
  • Biz2Gov library programming library, enabling simple, direct integration with KSeF,
  • predefined integration mechanisms for Quatra Max, Oracle eBS, Oracle Fusion systems,
  • structured invoice visualization services.

The implementation of the Biz2Gov platform will be possible both in the SaaS and on premise models.

The Biz2Gov platform also supports other services – including checking the White List and communicating with PEF.